Defending Gay Kids

More gays and lesbians are catching on:

The New Neo writes: “The message is of body integrity, goodness, and wholeness, about which today’s children probably need a ton of reassurance. Unfortunately, they’re not watching Mr. Rogers anymore.”

Sage advice from James Kirchick:

And Deroy Murdock says “It’s Time For A Big, Fat Gay Divorce From The Alphabet People”:

GLAAD is endangering gay kids:

Wrapping Up Pride 2023

Ben Kawaller adds: “If the gay activism I grew up with was about securing equal rights, LGBTQ+ activism looks more like a cultural project aimed at reforming our ideas about gender and sexuality. It also doesn’t seem to be able to help itself from looking absurd.”

Andrew Sullivan makes a similar point:

Below, progressive activists want Republicans to be anti-gay.

And now this!

HRC’s ‘Emergency’ Declaration

The Human Rights Campaign issues a warning to be afraid…be very afraid:

Via the Washington Times:
>>Mr. Moran said the problem is that HRC has redefined support for LGBTQ rights to include “trans surgeries for minors, biological men competing in women’s sports, and sex and gender identity lessons in kindergarten.”<<

The gender ideology narrative is failing to convince the masses, so it’s an “emergency”!

Promoting the medical transitioning of gay kids is the real emergency that gay people should be responding to:

More on Pride 2023

Guy Benson on what we should celebrate:

No Longer a ‘Gay’ Movement, for Sure

For gay men and lesbians, the LGBTQ+ movement has marginalized our identities and erased our history with false narratives. It’s also put gay and lesbian youth at great risk of being lured into horrific medicalized “gender affirming” conversion therapies. And nothing will change (except things getting worse) until gay men and lesbians realize what’s happened and work to recreate a movement focused on our rights and well-being.

Added: The appropriate response to rightwing attacks focused on TQ+ extremism (but also extending to undermine acceptance of gay people) should not be to circle the wagons and defend TQ+ extremism!

Worth repeating:

Posted by Andrew Sullivan: