More on those Doritos ads

Yes, it’s okay to laugh at them–and okay to be critical of them, too.

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  1. posted by Throbert McGee on

    From the linked column:

    Third, Doritos are nasty, and there’s no way you can eat them regularly and still maintain abs like those guys in the commercial.

    Disparagement of classic snack food that pairs well with beer
    Fretting over “abs maintenance”

  2. posted by Throbert McGee on

    On a more serious note, Corvino hasn’t been the only gay commentator who’s described the woman’s reaction as one of “disgust.”

    Um, hello? It’s clear that she’s the wife/girlfriend. If the gay guys had been replaced with two chicks in bikinis, the look she gave him would’ve been just as evil, or worse. She’s not displaying homophobia; she’s displaying possessiveness, as she expects her husband’s/boyfriend’s sexual interest to be directed exclusively towards her, and no one else on the planet.

    (If the commercial had clearly established that the woman was merely a platonic friend or co-worker of the man cutting the hedges, THEN we could reasonably complain about her “disgusted” reaction to his apparent homosexuality.)

    • posted by esurience on

      If she saw her boyfriend/husband looking at 2 girls, I think her reaction would be anger, shock, or sadness… not disgust. Her reaction to the situation in the commercial was disgust, not any of those 3… so it did come across as homophobic to me.

      • posted by Throbert McGee on

        Her reaction to the situation in the commercial was disgust

        Really? Looks to me like she pulled a frowny-face.

        Obviously, your ability to read the nuances of frowny-faces, and to distinguish a “disgusted” frown from an “angry,” “shocked,” or “sad” frown, far exceeds my own.

        (Or, maybe you were just predisposed to interpret her expression as “disgusted” because you had read descriptions of the ad using that word before you actually looked at the ad yourself.)

  3. posted by Jorge on

    “Pairs well with beer”? Way to make me lose my appetite over my favorite snack.

    Still, I can’t imagine kissing someone after eating them.

  4. posted by Throbert McGee on

    Jorge: Are you just opposed to cerveza in general? To me, beer + cheese-flavor seems like a natural match.

    And as far as kissing — as long as you’re BOTH eating them, the Doritos breath isn’t a problem.

    • posted by Jorge on

      You’ll need to translate that for me. I’m not interested in looking it up.

  5. posted by Throbert McGee on

    To me, beer + cheese-flavor seems like a natural match.

    For example, a huge brick of sharp cheddar plus a can of beer plus chunks of French or Italian bread equals fondue deliciousness.

  6. posted by h8 str8s on

    Sure, laugh, if you are self-loathing.

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