Cal Thomas Fulminates against Freedom

The American people may still be split 50-50 on gay marriage, but they would overwhelmingly reject columnist Cal Thomas's reactionary vision for society, which would take American life back before adults could make their own decisions about sex and require judges of the United States to obey "biblical commands." (Link to post at Cato@Liberty)

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  1. posted by Vancity on

    Cal Thomas has been writing inflammatory things for quite some time. In 1997, Thomas wrote a homophobic article in World Magazine that began:

    “It should come as no surprise that ABC is providing the door through which Ellen DeGeneres can formally announce her lesbianism as a sitcom character and, it turns out, in her real life. For years the networks have used laugh tracks to hide their inability to create material that might produce laughter from real people. Now, ABC promotes lesbianism, a kind of sexual laugh track that counterfeits authentic womanhood.”

  2. posted by Bobby on

    Cal Thomas usually gets it right, it’s just that when it comes to sexuality there’s only one form of sexuality he likes, his.

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