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The range of informed opinion out there is a whole lot more diverse and interesting than you'd guess from the "official" debate between entrenched pro- and anti-gay factions. At IGF, we've heard every possible variation on the theme: "I didn't know gays were allowed to believe that!" Or its flip side: "I didn't people who believed in [X, Y, Z] were allowed to be pro-gay too."

IGF's Press and Speakers Service can serve as a matchmaker for reporters and community groups in search of unexpected quotes and non-obvious takes on current events.

Need someone to talk intelligently about the "gay angle" in GOP politics or the turmoil in American religion? Sodomy-law repeal or the Second Amendment? Hate-crime laws or school choice? Trends in academia or censorship of the Internet? We can put you in touch with IGF contributing writers with appropriate expertise and other experts and authorities you'll find worth listening to. We can also point you toward some of the ever-growing list of straight conservative commentators who think it's past time for their colleagues to lay off the anti-gay demagoguery already.

For community and academic groups arranging speaker events and roundtables, IGF can put you in touch with a growing network of experienced public speakers based in several cities, as well as peripatetic authors (sometimes on book tour, sometimes not).


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